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Quality & Warranty
Customer Satisfaction is the overriding objective of Orient Security Quality program. Customer expectations and requirements are proactively identified and monitored to ensure that customer loyalty is earned through the delivery of superior value and performance in all products and services.

Our Target is directed towards continuous improvement, by maintaining a flexible organization, utilizing customer and employee participation, and committing to a common goal- CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!

Leadership comes from the top, promotes a commitment to quality, recognizes the importance of human resources, and supports ongoing training and education.

System Structure consists of the support tools. Procedures, measurements, policies, and guidelines and specifications such as computer - aided design, material resources plan, just- in- time inventory management, and statistical process control.

Warranty shall be in effect for a period of 12 months or 36,000 Kms, whichever shall occur first, and is restricted to all parts and/or components specifically installed by Orient Security, and these parts must be determined to be defective after examination by Orient Security Ltd.

The Warranty shall include labor for installation of said parts during the first 90 days only when performed at Orient security, or a service center or facility authorized by Orient security after the initial 90 days, the warranty shall extend to parts only and only to those parts provided by Orient security Co., Ltd under its warranty policy.
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